This month is a month full of thanks, being thankful for family, life, love, and opportunity. For those who are touched by adoption in any way, it’s a month full of fullness, grace, love, and dreams. This November I’m thankful for my birth mother, my mom and dad, my biological daughter, and my angel baby. Through my 24 years of “National Adoption Months,” this year, I have gained another thing to be thankful for, and that is hope.

I’m grateful for Tammy for placing me with my parents 26 years ago, for being by my side through all the ups and downs 7 years ago with my daughter’s placement, and for my future, of someday becoming an adoptive mom.

I’m hopeful that each family waiting will gain their perfect baby this year, that each birth mother will be touched by grace and have the strength and ability to go through life knowing she made the best choice she could. This November I want you to hug those close to your heart, to indulge in the warmth of those surrounding you, and to appreciate each day. From what I have learned this year, life is short, bad things can happen to anyone, and that at the end of the day the only people you truly need is your family and forever friends. Stay graceful, hopeful, grateful, and thankful.