Our Stories Shape Our Passion

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Our History

Starting in the 1990’s Jessica was working for another adoption agency and Tammy was doing private adoption consulting and matching families with expectant mothers. While they were both gaining experience and developing adoption values, two women who had completed home studies for the Chester County Court founded Adoption Home Study Associates.

They wanted to create an agency that was licensed but focused on the home study and post placement processes with adoptive parents.  In 2004, Jessica joined that agency as a social worker and in 2008 she became the owner and director when the founder and President entrusted the agency to her expertise. As Jessica continued the work of the agency with adoptive families, she brought her love of working with birth families and doing adoptive placements to the program as well.

Often working with Tammy to find the perfect match, Jessica began the All About Love Adoptions infant adoption program in 2008 so the agency could expand its services.

In 2017, Tammy and Jessica realized they were collaborating on so many cases that it would be beneficial to officially work together and in 2018 All About Love Adoptions was honored to welcome Tammy and the matching program of The Family Building Project into the fold, creating All About Love Adoptions: A Family Building Agency.

Meet Jessica Roseborough

My journey with adoption began almost 25 years ago while finishing up a Master’s in Social Work. A standard field placement soon turned to passion and I fell in love with the work, so much, in fact, that the agency created a position for me.

What drew me into adoption, more than any other form of social work, was the opportunity to work with individuals who genuinely want our help. They have a set goal and we get to help them achieve that goal and find ways to help make their life better, even if it’s not an easy decision to make.

As I was starting my family in 2003, I also was helping others think through how to create their families through adoption. Five years later, in 2008, I was presented with the life changing opportunity to purchase a small home study agency. In those critical moments, where we laid the foundation of new families – I saw clients blossom into parents and birth mothers see dreams for their children realized through our work together.

We have been offering full-service infant adoption since 2010, this is such a joy because I love helping others care for babies. Now, I get to be around them all the time.

My ultimate goal is to create a compassionate adoption experience that cares for adoptive parents and birth parents alike. Through attentive, individualized care, I ensure that our birth mothers feel safe and heard in making their decision. We empower birth moms to advocate for what they want and hope for their child. By providing birth moms a safe space to make empowered informed decisions, we ensure that birth mom and adoptive family are fostering a child-focused bond that leads them into the next chapter of their relationship.

The agency is small, but mighty. Larger agencies will leave birth mothers lost in bureaucracy and placement quotas. I will never all AALA to be placement driven and am always focused on what is best for birth moms and adoptive families.

I want to know that as many people who are entering into the process as possible could get caring, individualized care and support.

Meet Tammy Davis

I’ve experienced my own adoption journey, both as a birth mom and an adoptive parent. My passion for helping others in their adoption process, which is often a confusing, emotional, and overwhelming time, began over 25 years old.

I was just 19 years old when I chose to place my twin girls for adoption. I promised myself that if I got through it with my heart and mind intact, I would help others navigate the process and offer more support and respect than I received.

I do not regret my decision to place for a second. I only wish I had had more resources and support during the process. As a birth mom, I faced fall-throughs with potential adoptive parents, and those situations challenged me tremendously at an already very difficult time. Just after I gave birth to the twins and placed them with loving adoptive parents, I began speaking to birth-mom support groups and attending seminars for adoption attorneys to present the birth-mom perspective.

After a few years, with the guidance of adoption attorneys, I started this company to offer personalized, compassion-oriented services for both birth moms and prospective adoptive parents.

My hope is to help bridge the gap between birth mothers who want to place a child and families who, having decided to adopt, want to bring home a baby. Two decades and over 800 families later, I am incredibly proud to continue to support that same mission.

Life came full circle 20 years ago when I became an adoptive parent. Following IVF treatments, losses, and grief, I welcomed my son Grayson into my family via private adoption. Then, ten months later, via IVF, we welcomed a baby girl. Three years after that, our second daughter completed our family.

In my many years of experience in this field, I’ve worked with everyone involved in the adoption process, including birth moms and dads, adoptive parents, attorneys, social workers, obstetricians, pediatricians, and many others. Importantly, I have managed the various factors and levels of complexity that accompany each and every adoption situation.

My unique perspective as both a birth mother and adoptive parent, coupled with my experience and knowledge of the process, sets me apart from a traditional agency as well as other adoption professionals.

I am a firm believer in effective communication among all parties, honesty, and candor. I have built my approach on what matters to me most: my understanding and appreciation that each adoption is one-of-a-kind, and each individual’s perspective is valuable.

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