The Ottinger Family

Just trying to put into words what our first year has meant to us with Sweet Sara brings tears to my eyes. Our journey was so long and painful at times but we would do it all again for her. Our world flipped upside down in 1 months time and it was AMAZING!!

We are forever grateful for the bravery of her birth mom & the most wonderful gift she has given us. We have the privilege of raising this sweet, feisty beautiful baby girl. She brings joy to everyone she meets with her big smile.

And the instantaneous love that she shares with her sister melts our hearts everyday. They share a bond that I can’t even explain – it’s so beautiful, like it was always meant to be. I love to sit back & just watch, watch this world I get to live in everyday. My beautiful family that God has blessed Tim and I with.

Every hard day on our adoption journey was worth it. Even the hard days that may come now. It was definitely a challenge at times jumping back to the baby stage after 10 years! But we are a better family because of adoption. It has made us better people & opened our hearts in ways I never would have expected. This is what our family was always meant to look like & I’m so thankful for unanswered prayers.

Thank you Tammy for sticking by us on our crazy journey. Sarah thank you for bringing Tammy into our lives (and for bringing Andria into my life). This journey takes a village & we wouldn’t have made it without ours.

Forever grateful!