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The adoption process can be so overwhelming. There are so many decisions and so much waiting. We are here to guide you through the process with compassion and care. If you are willing to put in the time and effort to this process, we will ensure you will be holding a precious child that is yours to love and nurture for a lifetime. We’ve compiled some frequently asked questions from other prospective adoptive parents. We are here to talk anytime you want to learn more about us or our process.


Frequently Asked Questions

No, you do not. We’d love to help you with that. If you reside in Pennsylvania, AALA will gladly start or update your home study. If you reside outside of Pennsylvania we will refer you to a reputable home study provider in your area.

Typically 3-12 months. However the wait time varies and depends upon your adoption preferences. It’s also important to remember that amount of time until match or placement is not the most important part of the adoption process.. We strongly believe that you are never done learning about adoption. Throughout your wait time at AALA, we will be providing you with education so that you enter the match and adoption relationship feeling supported and prepared. This is a lifetime relationship.

Both you and the expectant mother have options to choose from regarding contact. AALA is here to guide you through the adoption regardless of level of openness. Your three options:

  • Open: in direct contact through pregnancy and after placement.
  • Semi-open: expectant mother chooses to meet or speak with you before the baby is born and requests updates and pictures usually exchanged through the agency post placement.
  • Closed: absolutely no contact except through the agency

Many of our expectant moms choose semi-open or open adoptions.

Yes. The expectant mother will complete a comprehensive medical social background form that will be given to you for your child’s health records. This will be very informative for the medical history of your child.

At AALA, we advocate for open adoptions as we firmly believe in keeping the child at the center. We are here to guide you and help everyone navigate openness with healthy boundaries and honest communication.

Yes! Our agency ensures that she has the full support of her case worker during her hospitalization, The case worker is available to her both in person and by telephone to help her through labor, delivery, and placement.
If the expectant mother desires additional counseling while in the hospital we arrange that service for her.

We will help the expectant mom complete a hospital plan and advocate for her to ensure her wishes are honored in relation to contact with the adoptive parents, time spent with the baby, and her interactions with hospital staff.

This varies greatly for each adoption and will be based on the specifics of your adoption. The fees paid to All About Love Adoptions cover complete and unlimited guidance, care and support for both you and the expectant mom throughout the entire adoption process including post placement. The fees also cover most legal fees, expectant mom living expenses, counseling, and travel for a case worker to be with the mom during the match meeting and at the birth if she wishes.

We will help you craft a customized adoption plan, connect you with case workers, attorneys and further resources throughout the journey. We will then work with you to understand your budget for adoption and help advise on the best way forward based on your financial parameters.

You can certainly pick your preference of a girl or a boy. However, because ultrasounds are not 100% accurate, we cannot guarantee gender. Please note, if you do select a preference, this can prolong the adoption process.

Yes! And we will connect you with one of our vetted, experienced, ethical, and trusted attorneys. They will guide you through the legal aspects of adoption with expertise and compassion.

This happens and when it does, it’s really hard. We are here to support you through that process emotionally. After a fall through, we always take pause and set up a time to talk to you, meet you where you are, and evaluate how to move forward. In the event of a fall through,  AALA will never charge you a renewal fee or a second program fee. We will support you through the fall through and stand with you until you do have a successful adoption placement.

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