The Ohrberg Family

Our journey to parenthood has been a roller coaster – failed IVF cycles, a heartbreaking adoption that fell through at the last moment, so many tears, questions, anger, fear…but then, Elias was born.

We are so lucky to have matched with a birth mom who never wavered in her decision. When she picked us, she told us she just knew we were meant to be parents, and she knew she was carrying our son. We made it to the hospital with literal seconds to spare after she went into labor two weeks early. We were outside the birthing room and we heard his first cry. At that moment we became his parents. We became a family.

The past 9 months have been amazing, terrifying, exhausting, stressful, wonderful and about eighteen other adjectives.

Some nights, I go into Elias’s room, hold him while he sleeps, and whisper my thanks to the world for bringing us together.

We are so very grateful to the Family Building Project, to Tammy for her support, love and guidance, to our amazing birth mom A., to Lynda for being our fairy godmother, and most of all for Elias. Adoption isn’t easy, but we ended up with the child who was always meant to be our son.

“There was you and there was me, and you and I turned into we.” – I’ve Loved You Since Forever, Hoda Kotb