Nick Boak and Thomas Merkling

We chose today to share our story because we are officially a family!  As of 9 o’clock this morning, when the judge signed off on all our paperwork, Sloane became a Merkling.

Looking back, there were bumps, bruises, tears, and laughter, but neither of us would change anything about our journey.  We are extremely grateful to Sloane’s birth mother for choosing us as Sloane’s forever family.  We can’t imagine what it took for her to make that decision but we are extremely appreciative she has allowed us to start our family.

Sloane is one incredible little girl in every way possible.  She has shown us another side of love that Thomas and I had yet to experience.  As Thomas always says, “it all works out” and boy oh boy, did it work out!  Thank you to Tammy Davis and her team at All About Love Adoptions for helping us get to this incredible day.  We are forever grateful!